Problems with bk and rstapps....



Jun 14, 2010
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Far Far Away....
Sorry I havent updated this thread Chevy. I was away on vacation, didnt even notice 4.5!! In any case I honestly had no luck with restoring my apps and data. I tried over and over and yes I followed your instructions from earlier in this thread. Once I noticed 4.5 I made the decision to use TB, which I dont mind using... I backed everything up, wiped a few times and flashed 4.5, restored everything with TB and Im good to go. I cant say I was having issues with just updating but I know how things like that work especially with ROM's not being exact in file size. Flash after flash after flash... you get left overs and it tends to slow things down. It was the same way with BIN flashing satellite receivers, I just wanted a clean start. SO now Ive got it but I was unable to use bkapps and rstapps, but its no big deal. Your work is very much appreciated. I only brought this issue up in case others had the same problem they could too benefit from your replies. Thanks again Chevy and dont forget to keep me in mind.

PS. My SD card is nowhere near full. 10 gigs avail.

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