Problems using an APK installer


Feb 10, 2010
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Is it just me or is it every time another 0.X BB rom is released there are less and less apk files that install?

I have a folder of APK files that I back up every now and then. Ever since android 2.2 was installed in my phone "appinstaller" FC right after it scans my whole memory card.

So I tried ASTRO. On 0.1 BB it is fine but 0.2 and 0.3 won't install ANY apk file. I go to my backups and put a check next to it. Then I click install. I get a popup that says "nothing selected". Just for fun I select the first check at the top of the window and it checks everything in the list. I hit install and I get "nothing selected". :icon_evil::icon_evil::icon_evil::icon_evil:

I tried Titanium Backup. Some of the programs install fine but with 0.3 almost all of them won't install without an error saying "unable to parse data".

If I was on any android 2.1 ROM I have none of these problems. Any ideas anyone on what 4th program I can try to use to install the apks?