Problem with the headphone jack.


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Dec 11, 2009
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St. Augustine, Florida
Hey all, long time lurker first time poster.

I have been having an odd problem since I purchased my droid back in November and I was wondering if anyone else was having a similar issue.

On occasion when I am using the stock music widget to listen to music and then remove the headphones when I am done my phone will not produce any audible sounds from the speaker but will continue to produce sound through headphones if I plug them back in.

In order to remedy this I need to sometimes plug in and disconnect my headphones several times to get the speaker to function properly.

Any tips?
You might have to exit out of the application before removing the headphones. I have had this same experience with Slacker Radio app, but it doesn't happen all the time.
Is that an error? I think it's really useful. I can keep listening to music through stops in the car that way (I plug it in to the aux port through a patch cable).

Happens every time I'm using a music app - default music player, app, and pandora app.
We use to have this happen with the (gasp) Blackberry Storm and I'm thinking the same fix may work. Simply plug and unplug the headsets several times. It's probably just not getting the message that the headsets don't work.

The other fix was to take a qtip, remove the cotton swab and stick that down the jack. It would "unstick" it.