Problem with Drafts


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Jun 28, 2010
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last night i had something really important on my mind so i figured id type up the message then and send it in the morning since it was 2 am when i was thinking this, so i typed my message and it went over the 3 pages into MMS, so i finished an it saved into drafts, but when i got up in the morning i went to send it and in my thread area of my HANDSCENT SMS app it says (no subject) and next to the recipients name is Draft, but when i touch the name there is no message. how can i retrieve the text if its at all possible?
My wife was in the middle of sending a message and my hit the wrong key. Anyway the phone a NOKIA 6 shows the message in drafts - only there is no way to find it or find a draft folder.
Google probably has stored the message somewhere while trying to find a way to monetize the software weakness - surely they need to provide the basics in the Android software, never ending battery chewing DATA and APP updates
I must say the ANDROID is a pretty lousy user unfriendly system. The only reason people love it is because they have no other option when buying a phone,
Will not be long before I install Windows