probably stupid question....


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Nov 15, 2009
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Ok have had the phone for 5 days never downloaded anything but apps and widgets. I downloaded a pdf file read it and now can't find it to delete it. So I'm wondering how you can go through what's been downloaded and find where its at on the phone??
Did you download it from a website?

If so grab a File Manager (Astro, Estrongs, etc.) from the Market and it will be in /sdcard/download if you using the stock browser.
I would mount it on my computer. Plug it in via the USB cable, on the Droid, slide open the notification tab (from home page, slide finger from top of screen to bottom). Select the USB Notification, then choose "mount" to mount the USB card as an external writeable "drive" on your PC.

From there, you can navigate the directories and see all the files, and eventually find the PDF file.

Either that or you could install some sort of file manager software, some mentioned here, others findable via the marketplace.


PS. Not such thing as a stupid question! Stupid who ask questions, yes, but not stupid question. You don't strike me as a stupid person, so all good.
Thanks for that. Just new to smartphones in general. Installed a task manager and got rid of it.