PPG in the Droid HOUSE!!!

Nov 9, 2009
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Well, since it looks like Verizon won't be getting the iPhone anytime soon (despite vaporware rumors floating out there) and I needed a new phone now, I decided to jump in and get the Droid. I ordered it from Verizonwireless.com to save over $100 over the walk-out price and it should be in tomorrow. Looking forward to playing with it. I'm sure I'll be bugging you guys soon enough with lots of noob android questions.

Now with Triple P on board, the world is save, and all DROIDS have nothing to fear :)

Just kidding, welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy and stay with us!
What was the decission-maker pro droid and con iPhone?
Let me know!!

Be prepared for quite a few bugs in the OS. Verizon and Motorola have already set a date for some OS updates/fixes that address those bugs (they are shooting for next month). None of these bugs are dealbreakers for me as I love this phone, but I just thought you should know what to expect!
What was the "decission-maker"? Well there were several:
1. I'm on Verizon and not changing to AT&T anytime soon (MUCH better service with Verizon than AT&T and family are all on VZ)

2. I'd have an iPhone if they would make one for VZ but they won't until the end of next year at the soonest (if ever)

3. I need a new phone now so 1 & 2 mean it WON'T be an iPhone

4. All other smart phones on VZ are either Crackberry or winmo and you couldn't GIVE me either of them and all the regular phones are lame or gimicky and don't appeal to me in the least. Android has the most potential (if not fully realized yet) to be a very powerful, cool, mobile OS.

I just hope Verizon doesn't hamstring Google too much and start implementing their own restrictions and kill the potential. They are off to a good start by letting the Google Navigator run without charging more for it or forcing VZ Nav on Droid. If VZ and Motorola will just let Android be Android and not try to put in their own little "refinements" then I think it has potential to be a kickin' phone. I've forked out the dough and should have my phone tomorrow (as well as an Eris for my wife) so we'll see. (Speaking of eris, I hope it's upgradeable to 2.0 soon because I'd really like to have Google nav on her phone 2 since she's asked for a TomTom for Christmas, I will be able to say "Honey, you already have MORE than a tomtom right in your hand")

Thanks for the welcome guys.