Port Android app to Blackberry?

Big Ry

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Feb 4, 2010
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Blacksburg, VA
All this excitement about Google's app inventor has got me wanting to spend endless hours behind this screen developing cool apps to do all kinds of things. :icon_ banana:

One area in particular that Id like to delve into is structural engineering software. I know there is already a civil engineering suite out there, but its rather limited in the structural department. I'd like to get some more advanced analysis apps that (hopefully) can include some more complex matrix analyses, finite element and the like.

The reason behind me wondering about porting to BB is because I currently have a couple Excel sheets developed that design concrete foundations. They enable the user to input any dimensions, loading, topographical factors, etc, and then develop a foundation/footing that checks for overturning, moment capacity, shear (1 & 2 way), soil bearing, and sliding using LRFD methodology. I've created these spreadsheets for the company I'm interning with. This company gives out BB's to all their employees to use as a work phone (not me of course :icon_evil: ), and I thought it'd just be so awesome for the engineers to have this app out in the field to give them (at least) a rough idea of what the designs will look like.

Its been several years since my programming days in Java/C++, so I'm a bit rusty to say the least. Furthermore, I don't recall ever even calling another file from the executables I created lol. My memory does suck, but all I remember doing is creating simply self contained EXEs. I think there was a couple CSS in their somewhere lol.

That said, would it simply be easier to create a completely separate jad, instead of porting an apk to a jad? Also, would it be possible to simply use the Excel file for the whole calculation and simply create a pretty GUI for the user?

Again, forgive my n00bness :icon_ banana: