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Oct 17, 2010
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ok so i have has suspisions that my fiance was cheating on me well he went and got This phone its like the samsung vibrant galaxy s or somthing its a flat screen droid thing lol im not good with names just how to use. well one day i went to his contacts and pressed history and it pulled up all of his history even deleted messages so i found some stuff i didn't like but i didn't have time to read cause he caught me lol so i tried again the next day and now its history just shows regular texts not deleted ones anymore. SO MY QUESTION IS IS THERE AN APP THAT SAVES EVERYTHING THAT HE MAYBE DELETED? HOW DO I MAKE IT GO BACK TO SHOWING EVERYTHING I LIKED THAT. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME SO I CAN FIND OUT FOR GOOD AND LEAVE HIM IF HE IS.
lol,you cant get the delete messages back,but there's an app you can install that backup text messages every certain amount of hours,but im sure he would notice the app,i don't know if there are any other "stealth" apps like that.
I would just talk to him.

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+2 just talk to him and be honest, doesn't mean he will be but talk to him and go from there, BTW maybe marriage isn't a good idea at this point, don't rush
if your really that suspicious just hire a licensed private investigator. or hire the "Cheaters Detective Agency" from the reality show "Cheaters". who knows you might get your 5min of fame on TV. :)
i have tried talking to him but he denys it and i don't want the meesages like i said i went into the contacts and theres a button for history so i clicked it and everything poped up incoming calls and text and outgoing calls and text and parts of ALL deleted messages would to not the whole thing though but enough. i confronted him about it and he denied it then the next day i tried to look again and it didn't show the deleted messages anymore just outgoing and incoming i watched him delete something off his phone when i showed him that it saved the deleted ones to so i just want to know how to get that back before i go spend 60 dollars on a spy app.
You need more than a spy app.....Seek help or move out.
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