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Dec 21, 2009
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newburyport, ma
I have 4 albums in my gallery----- camera pictures, camera media, all pictures and my_pix. I can't load any of them on to my laptop. I get message no media found. Can anyone help?
What you are seeing in the gallery are just folders rather than actual locations for the images. Camera pictures are actually in the DCIM-->Camera folder if you are viewing from your computer. Camera media is a combo of pictures and video so there is nothing additional there to the "camera pictures" folder. All pictures is a combo of what you have taken on the camera and what you have added or downloaded so also just a folder of links to other folders. I don't have a my_pix folder in the gallery so can't tell you anything about that except that it might have been added by an app or files from your computer if you did a sync. Anyway, look in the dcim folder for anything that you have taken with the Droid's camera.