Pinch zoom on Milestone

true true. i guess its not a legit source. I think they meant Motorola Milestone Comes Close...
FTA ... it comes with a FREE 8GB flash card? Right, they throw that in there after you buy the phone like some free add on.

Not only is the title of the article wrong, they also make it sound like Pinch & Zoom is the second coming. Seriously, it's nice, but not having it built-in to the DROID doesn't make this phone a downer at all. The Zoom feature on the DROID is implemented quite nicely.
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Yea. i havent really had a chance to play around with the droid yet. ive been doin alot of research though. my upgrade is on the 27th of this month but i dont know if u should wait for the essex (tour 2) or get the droid. im gettin annoyed with my bb tho because of the slow browser and i text alot an my bb curve has a text lack. looks like i'll be a droid owner soon :)
The Droid DOES indeed have pinch and multi touch support. The reason we haven't seen it much yet (Only one program that I'm aware of uses it, so far) is that since previous devices haven't supported it, most applications haven't been made to support it.