Physical wear on the slider?


Nov 29, 2009
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I haven't gotten my droid yet, but after playing with it at several verizon wireless stores, I've noticed that when you slide the keyboard out, there is a bit of a tight wiggle. The screen can be tilted just a little bit more than parallel to the keyboard. Is this just physical wear? Any way to prevent this? Is it going to get worse?
I've been using mine pretty heavily since I got it a week and a half back, including the physical keyboard, and I have yet to see any sort of wiggle to it.

I think that the problem with the floor model is that you've got everybody and their grandma horribly manhandling them, and obviously, if you handle it rough, it's gonna show it.

Gotta treat 'er like the phosisticated device she is, I reckon. ;)
that's good to hear. worst thing about this phone would be if you slide the screen out and you have to look at the phone with your head tilted while browsing the web..
Absolutely. And though this is only the second device I've had with a physical QWERTY keyboard, I've gotta say: it's leaps and bounds more solidly built than the other one was.