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Jan 16, 2010
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When I go to use Phonemypc, after a blank black screen has been up for about 30 seconds a message box pops up that says " Sorry! The application PhoneMyPc (process com. softwareforme. PhoneMyPC) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."
With a choice of two buttons to select force close or report.
So I was wondering if anyone else that uses PhoneMyPC was having this problem?
I just tried and got the same result. I hadn't used it in a while but it was working about a week or two ago. I'm using a droid incredible with 2.1. Will have to look at their website.

I just checked their website but no mention of it not working was mentioned. I just uninstalled it and reinstalled it and now it's working. Try that.
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Just retried mine and it is now working again. Phonemypc must have had atemp problem.
Thanks for the reply.

We have been upgrading our server farm in preparation for a new release later today. During this process, we have accidently caused temporary service outages. This most likely explains the issues you have seen.

We apologize; this upgrade will make service outages far rarer.

We have been upgrading our server farm in preparation for a new release later today. During this process, we have accidently caused temporary service outages. This most likely explains the issues you have seen.

We apologize; this upgrade will make service outages far rarer.

(voice quivering) Ccccould it be streaming audio/video?

That would make this holiday weekend complete dancedroid :icon_ banana:

I'm pleased to report that we released an update a few hours ago. We spent 100% of our time on software testing and bug fixing, so our website has not been updated to match the new release yet (except for the software download), but that will come in the next couple of days. NOTE: You must uninstall the old version before you install the new one.

This is a brand new release with a lot of changes, and it is likely to have some issues, so please be patient and email us with your observations and finds. Here is a short list of the changes:

* Full login support
* Ability to lock the PC (via CTRL+ALT+DEL, or automatically when you disconnect)
* Ability to unlock the PC
* Full support for UAC--you can see the UAC prompts remotely and respond to them (you can even see your screen saver running!)
* Secure TLS when communicating with our servers
* SSL encryption when connected directly to your PC
* Click-lock in "Full Cursor Mode" via tapping the cursor (easy dragging)
* Ability to password protect the PC settings window
* Application Password removed, replaced with requirement to enter the "one" password
* Webcam view (Alpha) for direct-connected PCs
* Retry/Ignore/Cancel option when the network is flaky
* More servers added
* Countless bug fixes (such as the cursor auto-hide after using the Trackball)
* Improved reliability (worst cases require an exit and re-run of the phone app)
* PC auto-update mechanism
* Licensing scheme (coded, but not enforced yet; we will email all customers keys when it's time)
* More...

We have much work yet to do--bug fixes, sound, other features--and we're now staging our work so we'll never go "months" between updates again.

Oh, and we have no idea what you could be asking about re: video streaming. We've never heard of H.264, nor do we know how to capture video on the PC and stream it to the phone for ultra-fast hardware decoding and viewing. At least, that's our

not working anymore even though I updated the pc and phone apps and made the user and password the same again.

Here is a copy of an email we sent to many who wrote us this morning during an unfortunate outage:

After this morning's release, we found a new bug as PCs flocked to our new servers. This caused all sorts of connection issues and took many hours to locate and repair.

It is fixed now and service has been restored to normal.

We have new troubleshooting guidelines, descriptions of new features and much more that we will add to our website within the next few days. We chose to release before having that done because the software is substantially similar in use to what it has been, and our customers were rightly anxious.

We apologize for the long delay in answering your email; we're usually much faster than this, but we prioritize our work by criticality: a service outage is always our #1 priority.

Finally, a few comments about common questions:

* The License Key infrastructure is in place, but it is not yet active, meaning you do not need one at this time. Before we activate the feature, we will email you a key.

* The PC application must be updated for the new software to work. Uninstall the old version, then download and install the new version. It will be 2.0.0.
Mine wasn't working either (7/6 around 7:00PM EDT). Even though I had been using the previous version, I went in and reconfigured my router to open up and pass through port 49200 and it started working.
Every time I try to open the software on my computer it say "phonemypc stop working" I had it working and then log off my computer. Then when I log back on to my computer and try to open you rsoftware, that's when it happened. I was trying to figure how the log in works.. It would be nice to see some how to set up videos..

You're so right. We were so behind schedule, and many of our customers were so anxious, we released before we had our website ready.

Here's some details, for you and for others.

The current release runs as a Windows Service. The service itself is called PhoneMyPC_Helper.exe. This program starts when your computer boots (this is important for logon support), and then it runs PhoneMyPC.exe, which is responsible for all of the software's features.

When you install PhoneMyPC, it will run immediately, and you do not have to run it from the start menu. It should show you the Settings screen so you can configure it.

If it does not, then you have seen a bug we recently found. On some computers, the PhoneMyPC is launched in the wrong session so you cannot see it. If this happens, open your Task Manager and kill PhoneMyPC.exe. The service will re-run it in the proper session and you will see it either open the Settings window, or you will see its icon in the System tray. You can then configure it.

The only reason to ever run it from the Start menu is if you have chosen to Hide the system tray icon, but you need to show the Settings window to reconfigure it. Even this use case has been shown to have a bug--as you found.

We are working on all these little kinks and will release updates as and when they are available.

What's best, you will probably not need to worry about it, as the updates will be sent automatically. Well, unless we have a bug in THAT code :)
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So you are saying there will be a software update for the computer side of this to fix the bugs? How long is this going to take?
Yes, there will be an update. It will probably be out before the end of the weekend. Given the number of PhoneMyPC users, we like to do weekend updates so as to minimize impact on our business users in the event that we make a mistake--we can generally patch a serious bug in just hours.