Phone will not vibrate for text notifications


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Oct 24, 2011
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I have the Droid x3. My phone will not vibrate for text messages or any other notification. However it does vibrate when i touch the screen, when someone calls me and when my alarm goes off. The system settings is set to always vibrate and the messaging settings are set to always vibrate. Needless to say it should be vibrating. Im not really sure when this started because it took me awhile to catch on, for a while i just thought i wasnt feeling it vibrate, i think it was happening before they had the last update and the update did nothing for it. I have tried everything except a factory restore and i really have a lot of downloaded stuff i dont want to lose or waste time downloading again. I have found people with different motorola phones had this problem and a factory reset did nothing so i dont want to risk losing everything unless its guaranteed to fix this problem.