Phone Enthusiast, now with Droid


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Nov 15, 2009
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I got my Droid last week, I switched over from at&t where I had a Blackberry Bold. In the past 5 or so years I've had a ton of phones, somewhere around 27. I've had blackberries, treo's, HTC's, etc etc. On all 4 of the big American networks.

I am somewhat of a crackberry addict but I was so intrigued by android, the Droid, and ready to switch back to Verizon, I just had to make the jump.

I have to say right now I'm having blackberry messenger withdrawals, and still adjusting to the keyboard/touch screen. But all in all I am really enjoying this phone. The apps, the great screen, and all this google goodness is right up my alley.

I'm still within my 30 days(obviously), so there is still a very slight chance that my blackberry addiction pops up and I go to the tour. But I gotta say, right now, I'm good.

That's my story!
Heya there and welcome here!

I hope you like the DROID so far.
I register a lot of guys comin over from Crackberry
to our forums with their new DROIDs :)

i should apologize to kev sometimes :D


I definitely like it so far. I think I can already say it's better than the iPhone. I've had the iphone 1st and 2nd gen for long periods and this phone just works better for those who need freedom.