Phone call errors. Anybody else have this issue?


Nov 17, 2009
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I switched from a Blackberry Curve to the Droid. Fairly regularly I'll be talking on my new phone and in the middle of a call, the person can't hear me at all. I can hear them perfectly; they can't hear me. Moving around doesn't help. And the person, thinking I'm gone, hangs up. Anybody else have this problem?
dropped signal

Possible explanation :

I think Verizon prides itself on its 3g coverage. I read the antenna on the droid is not as good as some other phones. I think the signal remains fairly good even when the signal gets weak until it reaches the threshold and you lose the call. You can watch the top of the screen to see signal strength. When it gets down low you might switch to wifi, if available or at least let the other person know you might lose the call.