Phoenix Loves the Droid


Nov 7, 2009
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:rockon::rockon: Loving the Droid here in Phoenix.

I got my Droid yesterday morning. My previous phone was an LG EnV2. May not have been the most sophisticated phone, but the full qwerty ruled! And the camera was not half bad for 2mp. It wouldnt even hold a charge anymore (Verizon confirmed the port had been entirely hosed) and what a coincidence-the day before Droid comes out....

I give many kudos to my local Verizon in Scottsdale. They were on top of their game and ready Friday morning. There were pictures on the news some of the Verizon stores around here having mucho long lines. I figured no way would I get one when I got to my store at 6:30am. Well lo and behold, there were only 7 people ahead of me in line! (That said, by the time I left Verizon, it was a virtual mob scene and had to be 100 people in that little store.) They were to open at 7, but actually opened at 6:45. They had a million reps on hand, so everyone pretty much got served immediately. Way to go Verizon!

I am thus far absolutely loving my Droid and figuring everything out! The screen is amazing, and I am really liking the touch screen. The touch keyboard is a tad finicky tho (and I am a woman with small hands-can't imagine how guys are dealing with it)-but I am getting better at it. The qwerty slide out doesnt come anywhere close to my EnV2, but the more I use it, the more comfortable I get with it. My older sister has the 3G iphone-boy is she going to be jealous when we visit at Thanksgiving and she sees the Droid lol!

Look forward to talking with other Droid users and learning a lot.

PS Wonder if there would be anyway to get the Droid smilies on the forum? I think they are way too cool.