PE5 Video Issues


Mar 18, 2010
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People's Republic of California
Hey guys, I just wanted to start a separate thread on video issues in PE5.

First of all, I have heard of some people having trouble with "choppy" video from the video camera, and after some testing I have experienced the same. I have found that this is quite dependent on the kernel, as IIRC the camera is controlled through software in the kernel. I found that, while blazing fast, RZ's kernels did tend to have choppy video from the camcorder. Pete's kernel did not have this problem nearly as bad for me (note: after taking several sample videos, there can appear a few "chops" towards the beginning, however they aren't as bad as the others, and I can live with it for now).

Second of all, I was having aspect ratio problems with camcorder video; after filming a video, upon playback it would appear to be incorrectly rotated and then stretched in the wrong direction, if that makes sense. I transferred the video to my computer, and they appear to have the proper aspect ratio, albeit in a very tall, narrow shape, sort of like widescreen turned sideways. But the images aren't distorted on the computer.

After updating to 5.0.1, and rolling back to Pete's PE5 kernel, it seems that my video is both rather smooth (minimally choppy) and correctly stretched on playback. (I tried to take screenshots, but drocap2 apparently doesn't like video, and all I could capture was a blank screen).

Just wanted to get my findings out there, in case others have the same issues. Did you fix them? How?