pdanet/ics/wireless router help?


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Feb 4, 2011
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I have the HTC droid eris and am currently using pdanet for tethering to my laptop. ok here is where i get tricky:) i am looking to also be able to use my desktop at the same time as the laptop, i want em both [COLOR=#812528! important][COLOR=#812528! important]online[/COLOR][/COLOR] at same time pulling the internet from my eris. oh and i need it so they can be in different rooms. i have a wrt 54g wireless linksys router, n would like to tether the eris to the desktop via usb and share the connection with the router so my laptop can also be online via wirelessly getting signal from my router. Is this possible? i dont want to turn my eris into a hotspot as i dont have wifi on the desktop.. n if possible would like to avoid rooting my eris.
iknow id have to set up ICS but i am not sure how, also would i have to plug the desktops ethernet cable into the internet port of the router, or does it plug in as if the router already had internet ei like in port 1,2,3,or 4? again any info yall can provide would be much appreciated, and would save some fighting among the kids. haha
thankx all in advance look 4ward to your replies!!


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Jan 15, 2010
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South FL
I believe what you are describing is referred to as "ad hoc" and that is not doable.

I may be wrong so if someone has better insight please weigh in.