Pay-As-You-Go Android on the way from Alcatel


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25. Jun, 2010 written by Kevin Krause /

Alcatel, manufacturer of low-priced handsets for the pay-as-you-go crowd, is looking to take advantage of an arena where Android has treaded lightly to date: the prepay cell phone market. Big wig William Peterson recently confirmed the company’s plans to launch products using Android. Not only that, but he promised in a conversation with Mobile Today that Alcatel’s Android would bring “aspirational feature sets and design to new price points.”

If by that he is suggesting that they hope to provide the most bang for the least buck — perhaps even including some features typically relegated to only the most pricey of smartphones — then we’re all for it. The pay-as-you-go market is a virtually untapped resource and an area where Android could excel provided the cost of phones stays down, which Alcatel seems committed to accomplishing.

[video=youtube;rkXlmjhfraE]"]YouTube - Alcatel Android - OT980[/video]

(Should have paid more attention in French class..)

Could the above Alcatel OT-980 be the phone in question? It features a slide-out keyboard and more for a pricepoint lower than the HTC Tattoo. If so, it indeed would be a pretty impressive pay-as-you-go option, but we’ll have to wait to learn more about Alcatel’s release plans.

Pay-as-You-Go Android on it’s way from Alcatel |
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I wonder how they will work out pricing for market download connectivity and web browsing, if they include that.
You probably have a 'bank', or 'commissary funds' :) that you pay up front that you can use, like pre-paid debit cards, or I could just be completely wrong.. :D
I wonder how they will work out pricing for market download connectivity and web browsing, if they include that.

Well, wouldn't be much of a Android phone if it didn't include it now would it?;)
Well if it can do Wifi you could always go to starbucks and download your apps right? hehe
I clicked on this post thinking, Hmm, this could save me some money. Then I saw the pics. Now I have only one thing to add: