Pandora App not working on Droid X


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Nov 24, 2010
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EDIT: When I created a new account on Pandora the problem fixed itself. Apparently it was a problem with my account, not my phone or the app. Thanks anyways guys :D


Hi guys.

I recently got a new Droid X since my old one broke. On the old Droid, both Youtube and Pandora Radio worked correctly. However, when I got the new phone, Youtube and Pandora Radio didn't work. Youtube wouldn't load videos and on Pandora I've been getting the "We're having unexpected technical difficulties" error. After reading through some forums I've gotten the idea that some apps can disrupt Youtube and Pandora, so I uninstalled a bunch of my other apps. I've gotten Youtube to work, but Pandora still won't work.

I've uninstalled the app and installed it numerous times. I've done three battery pulls between installations and still nothing. I've even tried searching for the 1.4.1 Pandora instead of the 1.5.1 but couldn't find it.

Does anyone have any idea why it won't work? I just bought a cassette to MP3 Player cord for my car to use with Pandora, only to find out it Pandora won't work :(

I appreciate any help!