p3 125mhz kernels only allowing 250mhz


Jul 18, 2010
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Hey guys,

Right now I am still tinkering between kernels and such.

Unfortunatly all of Chevy's run well but tend to freeze and reboot every so often, even at 800mhz. Sucks since they're ULV.

Next I have tried P3 kernels, since even though its only LV, they go down to 125mhz rather than 250mhz like Chevy's.

Heres my problem:
If I have p3 800mhz/125mhz kernel installed, all is well.

Any higher than 800 mhz and the lowest I can go is 250mhz even though I am using the 125mhz kernel(tried several times). Open up SetCPU and I can only go down to 250mhz on the settings.

I still get the high end of the spectrum like 1100mhz but only down to 250mhz. Only on the 800mhz kernel will it allow me to set it to 125mhz.

Any help would be awesome:icon_ banana: