Override Locale?


Apr 3, 2010
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What if you have certain settings established in Locale but want to override them temporarily, i.e. maybe you want to make the screen brighter but you have a setting to put it at certain % depending on your location...or similar?
I'm not sure I get why this is a question... Every setting in Locale has an on-off button. Turn it off temporarily if you want it off for that moment, then remember to turn it back on.
I guess more specifically the question is what if I just change the setting I want changed? What will happen?

For example, I have Switch Pro Widget on my home screen. If I press the screen brightness level, would it change for a few minutes and then change back? I guess I can just experiment...
Next time it location scans, it should override it. If it's something you toggle often, just make two separate entries with the same conditions, one with the settings you don't toggle, and one with the settings you do toggle. I do this with an SSID connection condition for when I connect to my home network. I separate out the setting to check for a particular Astrid tag, and once it fires off with any reminders, I turn it off so that it doesn't refire the reminder every time the connection to my WiFi drops and reconnects. When I leave home I usually turn that one back on. I don't think there's any limit to the number of rules you can set up, and I know for a fact you can set up more than one with the exact same conditions but separate settings.