Over-ear (no buds!) wired stereo headset for x?


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Aug 14, 2010
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That's right, folks, I'm actually fool enough to think someone's made a headset for the droid x that's

a] wired
b] with music pause/phone pick up-hang up feature,
c] over-ear (or on-ear, ear-cup... anything with NO BUDS)
d] stereo (through both ears, not just mixed into one,) and
e] decent sound quality for music.

What, you ask, no salt-and-pepper shakers? But hey, I don't need voice text messaging, I don't care where b] is on it, I don't even mind a 3-inch stick-out mic that makes me look like a pilot or a receptionist or something. I don't want a bluetooth brain tumor. I'm too clumsy to dig out the phone itself in time not to drop the call (especially if I'm listening on another device -- and who wants to carry two around, anyway?) I've never found ear buds that stay in, and want not to feel to heartbroken missing the MAGNIFICENT sound quality I get from my Koss PortaPros (and I assume there's no mic/pause-answer-button thingie I can just clip to it, and plug into another port. I DO live in this world, I SWEAR.) And while this request isn't urgent on the timetable of, say, a liver transplant, please oh please HELP! (And the Bose sound quality-price point ratio is a JOKE.) Thanks!
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battery right next to your ear (in this case, earS) all day, etc. Not as bad as the phone itself, but who needs it? Do a search on the Blue Tube Headset, or go to the manufacturer's site, merola.com, for more info on why he invented it (no spam here, just passing it along.) Product doesn't suit my needs for just about every reason, but oh, if he had one that did....
I bought a bluetooth clip a few months back that actually lets you plug any standard headphone into it.. has play/pause fwd/back volume buttons and a mic. so basically it turns any headset into a bluetooth headset.. don't know if this is what you are looking for but it would expand your options certainly... I'll track down the link and name of the product
Here you go...

DealExtreme: $12.99 Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP AVRCP Stereo Music Receiver and Handsfree (Black)

..pretty happy with the sound quality on this, especially for the price... functionality is nice.. if you order this from Deal Extreme just be aware that standard shipping can take a while (it's airmail from Hong Kong).. so if you don't want to wait you may need to choose another shipping method...

..once again, this will basically work with any 3.5mm stereo headphones and you can attach the clip to the headphones themselves or your shirt or whatever... I don't use mine for phone calls (though i did test it).. I just use mine to turn my $120 noise cancelling headphones into wireless headphones... but it's a nice little device
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Thanks! Turns out there are a bunch of items which do something similar (though not as cheaply, of course,) including, on dealextreme, what looks like a slightly better version of the same thing and what appears to be a lousy knock-off of the not-great Nokia (not that I knew this kind of product existed at ALL before this morning, and thanks to you,) plus,
moving up, the not-bad-seeming Jabra BT3030, so I'm starting another thread....
Looking for the same thing.

I've just spent 2 hours lookin for the same thing for my samsung.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that bluetooth might be bad for you and I hate ear buds.
It doesn't need to be Droid X exclusive.

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