Outlook email Sub-Folders and Email Signature


Nov 10, 2009
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Does anyone know if the upcoming updates will resolve the email related issues?

1) If you have rules set in Outlook to move incoming email to a sub folder it does not show in your in box. Yes we know that you can go to the sub folder and click refresh but that means you have to go hunting. We need something to notify us that there is a new email in sub folders that we choose. Blackberry uses the Blackberry Desktop Software to pull off this trick.

2) Add in an Email Signature. Sounds like a small detail but we have been hearing complaints from management.
I had the same issues. I downloaded and use Touchdown. It's a much better Exchange client. Once you reguster it, you can create a signature. The support has been excellent. I was able to get email support even on Saturday within minutes. :)
+100000 Touchdown is what google should have made the email client included in the O.S. !!! Perfect app for Corp Email .
Still an issue

I don't have an exchange server for email, is there a way to add email signatures to a regular email account