OTA Update/Help!!


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Nov 23, 2009
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At 330 am when I got up for work,I noticed I had received the update. I click on it and I notice a folder/phone on my screen showing it downloading. After about 45 seconds I notice on the same screen a triangle with an exclamation point in it, and the phone was locked up. I shut the phone off and started it back up. When I went to look and see if it had updated it still showed 2.0. Underneath however there was a window that said Baseband Version with (C-01.3B.01P) Was this there before? I don't remember. I called Verizon,and they weren't much help. All they said is if I go to system update and there is nothing there it must have updated. Does this sound right? Please help!
Is your unlock slider the Semi-Circle or is it a Straight Bar? Semi-Circle = not updated, Straight Bar = updated. Touch the menu on the bottom of the phone, the one with the lines on it. Go to settings, scroll all the way down and touch about phone. If updated it will read -- Firmware Version 2.0.1
I'm still waiting for the update to show up on my Droid. Are they staggering the notifications?
I'm still waiting for the update to show up on my Droid. Are they staggering the notifications?

Okay... This information really needs to be stickied cause I think I said this like several times in other threads. :)

Verizon is rolling out the OTA in chunks. They will be doing 200k Users a Day, at 12:00 AM, starting the 10th, and another 200k every day at 12:00 AM. They did not state it what timezone, but it is meant to get the users updated over time without saturating the network.

How the 200k users are being determine has not been stated either, but more than likely, it is not going to be 'sections', due to network saturation. The actual update is about 10.9 megs in size, so that is a fair chunk of time and network bandwidth eaten up if it was done in sections (IE: Area distribution, versus random distribution).
Just did my upgrade this AM. No noticable issues, yet. Everything looks A-OK!