Opinions Please. Droid 4, What to do next?


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Jan 13, 2013
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Hello everyone...

Ok, So I am getting my second droid 4 (currently have one right now that is rooted running gingerbread and not going to get the OTA update)

So what I would like opinions on is what to do with my new droid 4...
A. Allow OTA update of ICS then root
B. Root then install CM9
C. Root then install CM10

All of the options above have their bugs and each one will cause a problem for me in one way or another. I guess if you want to know, the most important aspect I need is Bluetooth to my car to listen to music/phone calls (Ford Sync).

So what I want to know is which do you guys recommend? Which option has the most promise in the near future. I can continue to use the phone I currently have, but I was looking for something new to play with. Im simply looking for opinions here and why. Thanks guys.