Open Home Running Slow


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Dec 28, 2009
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I recently downloaded Open Home and LOVED it. I noticed however that there were a TON of issues. First of all, going back to the home screen would often just be the desktop. No icons, no widgets nothing. That and it become HORRENDOUSLY slow. I mean my MOtorall i335 was faster than Open Home... I made it my default for when I press the Home key but was there something I forgot to do?
i just an hour ago installed open home just so i could have the "buuf" theme and of course 7 screens and screenshots...while i wait to check out 2.1 before i then do the root route. i need root to totally become "buuf" and tether...haha!

luvin open home! i also made open home the default home and no problems. i did see mixed reviews at the market but was in the screw it mood. i haven't filled up all 7 yet but ive packed 4 and tested screenshots on all of them and so far so good. for me it's even quicker then my old stock 3 screens. i've rebooted...played games...gone back to home plenty and its all great. but again i'm an hour in but will test her hard and let ya know if i too see issues. =)
Pardon me, but open home sucked. It was great at first, but once I loaded it up and changed themes, it started to force closed
constantly. I even paid for it. I sent a few logs to the makers and there answer was that I had too many widgets and shortcuts on my screens. I only had it set to 5. Wth is the use of extra screens if you cant put anything on them? Pandahome worked a lot better, and dxtop was the most stable, but a little slow. Once I rooted i had no need for either
i do agree that some apps dont feel the same luv on every phone!

but...i'm great so far. i heard lots of issues on all the home apps, which we would cause this is the place to talk about issues, but so far this is sweet for me until i root. worth the $4...way worth it! haha...that's a can of cope or draft beer anywhere! =)
Yes! Well I suppose not "Yes!" lol but my OpenHome would CONSTANTLY Force Close... It was the single most annoying thing ever... Really the only reason I really loved the app was for the drawer feature and the little batter percent measure in the corner. Are there separate apps that do the same thing?