only gmail contacts showing up -- how do you get others back in contact display?


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Dec 11, 2009
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my contacts were reduced over night and then after the upgrade today, only my synced gmail contacts are showing -- & not even all of those.

i can do a search and successfully find all of those i input myself, including those synced with facebook, but they aren't appearing in my main contact list.

under display options, i have only contacts with phones checked. under my gmail, i have system group: my contacts checked; under facebook, i don't have all contacts checked because i don't want all, just some, synced in to my phone.

how do i get back my regular contacts so i don't have to search for them manually?

please help. thanks & cheers.
I think this is already covered but what the heck, I'm a busybody today (all hail furloughs!)

I had the same problem... this is what I did and it seems ok..

I couldn't remove my gmail account, too many things linked to it so... i removed the facebook account and readded it and resync'd it and gave it some time to sync and all seems well now...

I don't know if it's relevant or not, but I also went into my gmail and "fixed" my contact names, most were designated with their net handles, which didn't jive with facebook so I had multiples and such.. now I don't.
thanks. i tried that with fb -- turning it off, resyncing, & it brought in all contacts with phone numbers yet created double listings. so i undid that & now just have the sync on, but no contacts appear at all from there (unless i do a search).

i'll go to add a contact in my regular contact list, & it reads "google contact from my gmail address." i swear it never said that before; besides, whatever i'm inputing manually isn't from gmail. it's like it's only showing me gmail contacts even though my display options have always been the same...

still scratching my head.
solved it with this:

I found out how to fix. I had to go to the contacts, then hit menu, then display options, then gmail, then I selected all other contacts because that was not checked. I don't know why they were under my gmail but it brought them all back to normal.
Thanks sincerely everyone!! I was having big issues with my contacts and now they are back to normal. Thanks for all of your help!