Oneplus One Verizon and Foxfi


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Aug 19, 2012
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I'm still grandfathered on Unlimited and don't want to buy this phone unless I get confirmation Foxfi will work with it. Anybody have any experience?
The One Plus One won't work on Verizon at all. It doesn't have the necessary CDMA hardware to function properly on their network.
The days of BYOD to Verizon are still off in the future. When they move to 100% VoLTE coverage, then you should be able to get it to work. Until then, CDMA only, and even then Verizon has a nasty habit of not letting devices they haven't approved of on their network.

Maybe we can direct you to a phone that meets your needs and works on the network?
What is stopping him from using the two big GSM networks, AT&T or T-Mobile? As you pointed out Fuzzy, Verizon appears to be abandoning that CDMA technology so in the future he can probably get it to work on their network. In the meantime there IS a work around available.

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If your intent (bottom line) is to keep your plan, then he has no choice. I was always more interested in the perks of a particular phone and that led me to the GSM world. :)

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I don't think the OPO supports VoLTE although the hardware is capable of doing so. CM and OPO will have to implement the technology for it to work. Then, Verizon will have to approve the phone which is unlikely in the near future.
I think the timetable I saw for Verizon to finally get in line with their agreement with the FCC was some time in 2017. But I know they were planning on releasing their first VoLTE-only phone some time either later this year or early next, so BYOD might be sooner than I'm thinking.

Still, way too long for the OP to wait.

@asghert The offer to help you find a phone you can use your account with is still open. Just post here and the suggestions will flow. :)
You really can't go wrong with any of today's flagship devices. If I'm not mistaken, the only devices that currently aren't compatible with FoxFi are Moto. HTC, LG, SONY & Samsung all work fine.
Good luck and holler if there's anything we can give you a hand with.

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Thanks! We live in the sticks and use the phone, along with a booster for internet. I get a better signal from ATT with my work IPAD but they don't offer unlimited data. We use 30g a month so for now, I'm stuck.
So any who can confirm if fox-fi works on oneplus one? i have T-mobs unlimited but i use up the 7 gb of tethering they give me.
and yeah im going for the G4 for using Verizons unlimited with Fox-fi, i do know that one is confirmed and so is the S6 but that phone sucks