Once you're rooted, here's a good place to start...


Jul 16, 2010
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I highly recommend newly rooted Fascinate users to read the material in thread I have linked to. In particular I found "HOW TO:Root, Install Clockwork, Remove Bloatware, and more" to be of the most use. Within that you can find explicit instructions on how to install ClockworkMod recovery and the two different methods to initialize it (ROM Manager or three button boot up).

It is advised to first become thoroughly familiar with Odin and its use with the Fascinate. It is my understanding that one should avoid Odin and opt for ClockworkMod Recovery installs whenever possible. I also suggest that you do not even look at Voodoo kernels until you've been rooted for a while and have had to time to read through all pertinent documentation.

Once you have everything ready to go you can go ahead and choose a custom ROM. I like Super Clean and have been running it for a few days now. I also use the non-Voodoo Geeknik kernel DJ05 kernel with it and have gotten great performance. Be aware that if you want to start using leaked builds of the Fascinate OS there are plenty of things to know ahead of time. Flashing the new DJ05 radio firmware via Odin is just one of many.

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