Okay these are the issues I am having with Yahoo mail


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Jan 24, 2010
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First issue. I don't understand why I keep getting alerts that I have new e-mail on my yahoo account from my spam folder. I had the env2 before the Droid and I would only get e-mail alerts from my inbox and not my spam folder. How do I stop that getting e-mail alerts from my spam folder?

2nd issue. I keep getting e-mail alerts saying I have new e-mail from e-mail I have already checked before. I have about 50 e-mails that I keep in my inbox that are old but the Droid keeps sending me alerts saying they are unread.

3rd issue. Sometimes I will log into my Yahoo e-mail online and I will have new e-mails that says they were already read but I never really actually read. So what the Droid is doing is saying I read e-mails that I haven't even read yet.

4th issue. What does it mean when I go into settings and it has an option in the inbox settings, Delete email from server? Never or when I delete from my inbox. Which do I pick?