OG Droid did not like hand sanitizer


Mar 20, 2010
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Greensboro, NC
On Thursday I went to the gym and I use the hand sanitizer in between different machines. I guess I didn't get it all the way off my hands before touching my phone but for two days my Droid was unusable. It would alternate from acting like I was pressing buttons that I wasn't pressing to the right side of the screen being totally unresponsive.

I kept wiping down the phone over and over with a microfiber rag and I could get it to partially work for maybe an hour at most (even though the right and top of the screen would not work), but inevitably it would go back to phantom button pushing.

Today I got desperate and cleaned the screen with rubbing alcohol and, while it didn't immediately seem to work, it eventually started working correctly again.

I had taken my Droid a bit for granted and was even starting to lust after either the Bionic or Droid 3 (if Droid 3 had 4G it would be a slam dunk). I didn't realize how much I still depended on my Droid until I didn't have it for a couple of days.