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Jul 16, 2010
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Ok I have had my Droid X for 1 week now and have some thoughts and questions for the experts on here.

1) Battery life: I have been fortunate that my battery life seems to be very good. Yesterday at 7am I turned the phone on and it was at 100%. It wasn't until 5pm did it finally drop to 80%. That was after emails, google talk, and some phone calls. Not bad.

2) The apps that I have obtained from the Marketplace are ok. With the exception of some that have obviously led me to receive spam txt msgs on my phone now. No I have never received them on my BB or anyother phone. So... the "adds" that appear in some of them I believe are planting spyware. So... I have deleted that App Killer from my device. I don't need my son to see an add for "hot girls that talk for cheap" popping up on the bottom. Check it out...its on the app.

3) Coming from a BB 8830 WE addition, this thing screams with speed. Probably the best phone I have ever owned. My wife has the 3gs iphone and holding seems like holding a toy now compared to this phone.

4) Its a shame that VZW has loaded so many crap apps on this phone. But that's there marketing. I am in no way a computer wise that can "root" my phone and get rid of it. Unless there was a step by step process spelled out for Dummies, I couldn't even think of doing it.

1) How do I get calendar entry alams to "pop" up on the main home screen to let me know there is an event?

2) Is there anyway to get rid of the "Backup assistant" once it has been accidently activated?

3) How do you do custom ring downs for contacts?

4) Do you need to leave the Bluetooth option on in order to sync your blue tooth ear piece? Or will it automatically launch when you try to sync them?

That's all that seems to come to mind after one cup of morning coffee. Any comments/answers are greatly appreciated.



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Jan 10, 2010
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California, USA
Hi, these r my answers for an original droid:

1. I think it just let's you know in your notification bar. You can probably find an app that'll pop something up.

2. Don't know what that is. Maybe try a search.

3. When viewing contact, press the menu button

4. Yes leave it on (leave bluetooth wifi gps all on)

Apps on the phone only access info you allow them to. Research and read all comments before installing.
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