Now that my phone does what I what?


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Feb 26, 2010
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I had the Droid (original) for a few weeks before I got the guts to root it. Played with custom roms. Not a big fan of themeing. Went to stock rom with root. Did all the updates since November...chasing the root the whole time. Went back to stock twice just to see how it was. Always back to root. That was fun for a while but now I dread the next update cuz I know I have to find the rooted leak and install it.

I've actually got the Droid doing everything I want it to. FRG22D. It's OCed at 800, battery life is great. WiFi tether. I have a BT dongle on my OBDII and using custom gauges to monitor the diesel engine. All my music playing through my computer speakers (via BT). All my GPS apps I can't get lost anymore...roadways or alpine hiking. I've learned a lot of constilations...the list goes on and on.

I teased my wife last night. I said I was going to get a new phone...and right then the commercial for the Droid2 came on where the guy is in a conference room and his arms turn into robotic arms. It was kind of funny. But she says to me...I thought you were happy with your phone. I am. I had no rebuttal. I don't perceive the D2 would do anything my D1 does that I would be interested in.

I used to spend hours each day on DroidForums. Now I poke my nose in once per week to see if anything new has happened. I'm thinking of canceling my membership. I'm bored.

What is the cure. I love you guys. I want to be addicted to this site. But I need something fresh to keep me obsessed and I just feel like the D1 is doing everything I want it to do. Where do I go from here?

I feel kind of depressed. LOL

experiment with your phone? there's lots of custom roms and applications out there.
Glad you are back even if in a limited basis.

As noted above check out the many different themes. Have you thought about developing your own theme?

If you enjoy helping others, then jump in an work with members who are having issues during the rooting process or after.

Hope this rekindles your interest.

just enjoy it for now and keep peeking in from time to time. you can delv into deving (making roms, themes, bootanimations etc.) there is enough "droid does" on the web to keep you busy for as long as you want. =}
Help those like myself that aren't smart enough to be bored. There are lots of us.

Sounds to me like you have the time to create...

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There's plenty of things to try out if you check the various subforums. Alternately, you could get out and do other stuff not related to your Droid. :shocked:

It's really not uncommon, regardless of the field of interest, for people to be "addicted" to new and shiny toys. I see this all the time on various forums sites for other topics (cars, tech, even old school shaving).
why not take a stab at programming on the Droid? Make an app that you don't have or one you think people might like to see.