Now that CM4D2-GB has vastly improved over old froyo when can we see it go official?


Feb 6, 2010
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I seen that the updates for the froyo cm7 hasn't been updated for sometime with the nightlies. I am wondering when can we see the cm4d2-GB go official and get updates via Rom Manager? I have grown quite accustomed to updating and auto checking for updates via Rom Manger and can't wait for it go official since it seems a lot more stable with much greater battery life. With all the latest fixes and i'm sure even more to come it's getting really close to stable release instead of nightly status.

The only major bug i found is that a few games don't work on CM releases that work on other froyo or gb blurred based roms. The one game I'm dying to play on my Cyanogenized D2 is Age of Zombies but it doesn't seem to work regardless of froyo or gb cm7. Other than that its very stable and its the best my d2 has ever ran in the year that i've owned it. Keep up the great work guys and hopefully we can get this official soon and everyone who is still on the froyo kernal cm7 will make the jump cause its improved and will only get better from here.