Now that 2.1 is here, what's coming in FroYo?!(2.2?)


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Jan 13, 2010
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I've been looking around a little lately for some info on the next Android release and the info is a little scarce. Most of what I've found is that it will be called FroYo (for Frozen Yogurt, and followed by Gingerbread), it will run a new Linux kernel, and that the rate of future releases will begin to slow down. Also read that Google will begin to pull more apps off of the OS and put them on the Market to give manufacturers a break with testing. I still haven't found much in the way of new features or date of the release. Comparatively, it seems that 2.1 was a more minor update since it seems to be technically part of 2.0 (Eclair).

I decided to make a wishlist of things it would be nice to see in the next release, whenever that may be. Feel free to add ideas and knowledge.

*Better Bluetooth support. Although I never use Bluetooth, I am surprised that Android seems to be very behind in this area.
*The option to customize the UI without using a theme(or at least without root access). For Example, changing the Notification Bar to black. This is, after all, supposed to be an open OS.
*Improved Exchange support and security, for the business people. something I like about iPhone OS 4.0
*The ability to define the organization of the contacts. For example sort by last name, or by affiliation.
*An improved Music/Media Player. Although it improved some in 2.1, it would be nice to get a little more aesthetic upgrade, especially to the "now playing" screen or whatever its called. It would also be nice to have a tab for videos. I guess a third-party dev could also fill this void.
*Some type of gaming community support. This is another feature I like about iPhone OS 4.0, but once again this could probably be done by a third-party dev and not Google, but an official Google app would be cooler.

Anybody have thoughts on desired features? Info on anything? Will it even be called 2.2? I'm kinda surprised that I haven't seen a thread like this yet.


Jan 25, 2010
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In all honesty, this is my first smartphone. I'm used to buying a phone and... well there it is, that's what you get. So the whole notion of updates is just a cherry on top for me. It's the reason I was fine waiting patiently for 2.1 and it's the reason I'll be fine waiting for the next update (or even, why I'll be fine if another one never even comes... knock on wood ;)). My phone already does so much that I've found myself trying to come up with more things to use it for just to feel like I'm actually making good use of it. So I don't really have a "wishlist" since it does everything any phone I've ever had did and then some, already.

And there actually have been several "what's next", "what might be in the next update" threads, but eventually they all ran their course and died off since, as you said, there isn't a ton of substantiated info to go on... or even much in the rumor mill to grasp on to. We're less than a week removed from a completed update rollout. It's a bit early for anything too significant.