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Oct 6, 2011
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OEMs are beginning to take note of all the custom mods of the Android mod community. Both HTC and Samsung have included theme managers in their latest flagship devices. The Note 5 also has an included theme engine. My favorite theme so far has to be the Material design theme. While your phone will still be very much running touchwiz you will have the color scheme and icons of Stock Android. The Material theme looks better than touchwiz no doubt. To acquire the theme you will need to set up a samsung account, head to settings, then themes, go to the theme store, you will find it under "Most Popular". It used to be free but is now $1.39. I think the small fee is worth it personally.


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Jul 12, 2010
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LOL, glad I got in on that one and the Dark Material theme while they were free.

Also, it does a great job at bridging that gap between Touchwiz and Material. Its not perfect, but close enough. I also run Nova Launcher because it bugged the crap out of me that only 9 icons will show in a folder before wanting to scroll. Thats just too few for me.