Noob Need Help with flashed Droid Eris with METRO PCS


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Nov 18, 2010
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I just bought a Droid Eris tonite from a guy that was already flashed to Metro and some of his account info is still on the phone (Gmail accounts etc.) I tried removing it but it says that some of the applications and other things still need this account to function and the only way to remove the email addy would be to factory reset the phone and start fresh. It then tells me how to do it.

If I do this will it restore my phone and take away the flashed version its on right now? Im not trying to pay $50 again to get my phone rooted to metro when its already metro.

Is there a way to delete his account if by chance it does exactly that?
No. A factory reset is the only way to remove the primary account. There are tutorials all over the web on how to flash to Metro. Save the $50, and do it yourself.

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