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Nov 24, 2009
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Hey what's going on everybody?
So i'm waiting in the mail for my Droid, and I can't wait, i've heard nothing but fantastic things about it so I'm excited. I had a question about emulators though: So I have emulators (N64 and Gameboy) on my desktop to play games likes tetris, super mario, mega man, etc, however that was a while ago, and forgot how to do that. So I was wondering if somebody could just tell me how to add them to the phone, i'd really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch, and Happy Holidays!
yup, easy i have some on mine. you first have to download the emulators from the market and they are free. I have nesoid lite (nes) and snesoid lite (snes). then you have to find roms on the web ( works great for me) and save them to your SD card via a usb cable hooking your droid to your computer. Just create a folder called games or whatever you want and out the games in there. Then when you open the app on your phone it will give you a blank screen that says no ROM loaded pres Menu for more options. hit menu, then open then you can access your sd card and the games will be in the folder you created! pretty easy. I have excitebike, punch out, ninja gaiden, tecmo bowl and of course super mario bros. it's fun you can set up the buttons however you want and use an on screen virtual d-pad or buttons for directions.
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thats awesome thanks alot man! i appreciate it! yea i want to get some of the old games like double dragon, street fighter, and even pokemon, haha just stuff to have while i kill time waiting for class
Hows it going now for all that stuff....the only way to download is with a home compute. No way to download games to ur phone without a pc
Hows it going now for all that stuff....the only way to download is with a home compute. No way to download games to ur phone without a pc

if you're slick, you can dl games (ROMs) straight to your phone. you need a file manager and an unzipper. i haven't tried, but i believe the phone is capable of this (without root).

btw, it's very easy to dl on your pc, then "Drag &drop" onto your phone...
How do u get or work with a file manager or a unzip or what ever it im so ready to take this phone back and get the iphone..i dont know what to do:.....
not sure what your issue with dl'ing ROMs on your pc and transferring to your phone? what does it have to do with an iphone?
No i got nothing against dl. Roms is that im never home and im moving out from my daughters mother house and i dont have a pc. There....about the iphone is that im still in the 30day trial period with droid and its been a little iffy..wondering whether i should stay or go with new iphone...any thoughts...remind u im coming from the world of boost mobile(shirps) walkie talkie
You dont need a computer at all. Go to the market and download astro file manager and download crutch. With those two apps u will be able to go to sites on ur phone such as and click on the rom and it will download right to ur phone. Then just use astro to unzip and ur all set. Hope this helps cause the phone is awsome.
I have another Noob question, do these emulators kill your battery very fast? Ive heard if you hook it up on your iPhone youll get about forty five minutes of gameplay before the battery dies.
Here is my problem, when i save the game when i exit on games like super mario it never saves it and i have to start all over when i go back to play. also to note i do have the full paid version. what am i doing wrong?
I downloaded crutch, and I alreay had Astro. I went to that website and it gave me a forbidden error. Are there any other reputable websites you would recommend to get these roms from?