No service after installing 2.2


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Aug 10, 2010
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Hey guys,

I have a Moto Droid. I have terrible reception around these parts, so Verizon told me to do a hard reset on my phone. So I did. After which, I dialed *228 to reprogram my phone. No luck. I have manually updated to 2.2, reprogrammed, no luck. If I dial *611 for help, it connects for a while, but then gives me an error. So, I get the Verizon Wireless logo, and regular phone functions just fine, but when I want to make a call, I get no service.

Any ideas?

Edit: When I reprogram my phone, pressing 1 or 2, both tell me, every time, that my programming was successful.

Edit Edit: I looked at my statstics, and this might be a problem:

My Phone Number: 000-000-6308

PRL version: 65145

In Service

Mobile Network State: Disconnected

Edit^3: Fixed. My old data from Alltel transferred to my phone after activation. Programming mode helped.
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