Nexus 6 Appears On AT&T Website For $49.99 On Contract


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Oct 6, 2011
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The above image is from AT&T's official website. This confirms that the device will in fact release on AT&T. This may be good news for Verizon folks (speculation). AT&T has been pretty strict about devices with unlockable bootloaders. There are already rumors that Verizon will carry the Nexus 6. Maybe they truly will follow AT&T's lead and carry this device. The image on the placeholder page also shows a $49.99 price on contract. This is pretty exciting. This will be a high end device and if this price tag holds it means that we will continue to see Nexus devices being released at lower prices than the rest of the pack. There is still no official release data, pricing, or availability information from any of the other carriers.

To see the placeholder you can click "Placeholder" link below, go to the left side menu, click LG, Click LG G3 Vigor, then scroll down to the right side menu labeled "People Also Viewed".

Via AT&T
hmmmm interesting, I too have witnessed this...
$50 on contract, thinking $400 outright...if thats even correct lol