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Mar 24, 2011
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first of I know that the following questions are newbie ones, so please help me learn! All knowledge is appreciated.

Okay... so to start I have a droid 2 global, and got it about 2 months ago. I have been learning some things, including task killers are not neccesary, and in order to truly customize my phone ill need to root it and study up on themes and custom Roms.

I am debating on rooting my global, but want to know all I can before I do it. I was looking at using z4root, how does everyone feel about that? And I heard to make a complete backup of everything I need to root first, well if I root with z4root what all will I have to do to get a complete backup encase something goes wrong/ I decide to unroot. I need to know how to unroot successfully before I will root. I have no knowledge of how to use a complete backup, nor create one, so if someone could take the time to explain all of this stuff to me id appreciate it! I hope that it is possible to actually back up EVERYTHING because then I will feel more comfortable once I get some stuff figured out.

I have a bizilion more questions and things id like to learn from you guys about, if anyone would be nice enough to help me with this first, maybe can teach me other stuff too.

Thanks in advance!
Slimpirudude (newbie) :/

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Jan 4, 2011
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Z4Root works great. You should always restart your phone, then run it. I don't know why, but it works best this way. If it doesn't work the first time (more than a minute or two of white screen), just restart your phone and try again, no harm done. You can Root, make a backup, and if you ever need to, you just restore that backup and unroot with z4root, it's a one click process. Also, you should download RSDLite 4.9 (google it) and the D2G (NOT the D2) SBF and learn how to flash it. It's an easy process, and it means that if you ever mess your phone up, you can go to an out of the box state quickly and easily.

To create a backup, you'll need clockwork recovery mod, which you get when you install koush's bootstrapper app (FOR THE D2, not the DX). It's in the market, or you can google it. He used to offer it for free, but he pulled it from his site. Creating and restoring backups is easy, just a few clicks. You can find tutorials by googling things like "how to create nandroid backup", they'll be more thorough than I can be right now.

Once you root, check out my sticky in the D2G forum about battery life, it should help you improve performance and battery life.

Finally... post D2G specific stuff in the D2G forum, you'll get more responses, usually, though in this case, all the details are the same.

hit me with any other questions, though others will probably answer while I'm at work haha.