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Jun 16, 2010
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Howdy yall names Matt and im here to figure out what would be best for me to do with my girlfriends htc droid eris phone. The problem is when she bought it the phone was flashed to page plus. Which page plus doesn't really offer much for data and she really is in need of having the internet run off her phone. We really didnt know how the data thing shelled out 25 bucks 3 mins later the internet is off again due to the phone trying to do a update which takes 70 mb. So at this point dont want to keep paying for 20 mb of data and have the net off as soon as I purchase it. So im just wondering is there a way to hack this phone? So I can it to were we can get on the internet whenever. I tried using pdanet and it said I needed to turn on the software which I couldnt find the turn on button. So at this point im stuck dont know if its possible with page plus maybe I need to get the phone flashed to something else. All I know I need some of your genius brains to help me I dont need a pissy girlfriend and Ive been trying my hardest lol. Anyway any help or direction pointed in what I could do would much be appreciated thanks alotdancedroid