New Voicemail Notification stuck, empty


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Apr 2, 2010
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I have had one New voicemail notification that I can not get rid of. When I answer it, there are no messages (on my verizon voicemail). How can I see where this notification is coming from and get rid of the notification?
Have you tried a battery pull? It might clear the notification for you
Got the same Issue, I got notification after installing a third party mail service. (youmail).
Got the same Issue, I got notification after installing a third party mail service. (youmail).
Are you able to listen to the voicemail by dialing *86?

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If you have found that you have a voicemail icon stuck in your notifications area on your Verizon Droid, then you are not alone.
  1. log into google voice on a computer
  2. find the settings page and locate your phone
  3. hit “Deactivate Google Voicemail for this phone” (this snapshot shows activate, but it’s in the same plac3
  4. save your settings
  5. on your Droid goto: Settings => Call Settings => Voicemail Service. You should see only your carrier listed here. Select it.
  6. Then hit Voicemail Settings and enter *86 as the voicemail number.
  7. Give it a few moments, then call you voicemail and clear out your messages.
I'd add: "Verify where the voicemail notification is from" as step 1. I don't recall the OP mentioning Google Voice even though notifications from the carrier's VM system while using GV VM is a common issue.

If it's VZW's voicemail I've found that leaving a message for myself, allowing the new message notification to come through and then deleting the message I just left generally clears this sort of thing.
It's funny that you posted this. I've been using google voice as my voicemail on my Droid since probably january. I have never had any issues. 3 days ago, I get a Verizon voicemail notification. I unforwarded my phone number, log into my verizon vm and sure enough, there sits a blank voicemail. Weird. Wonder if they had some system wide issue with forwarding or voicemail.
Hello I have the same problem

Hello I have the same problem, the only problem is that Im from mexico and when I access to the Google Voice, I get a message that says that Google Voice is not available on my coutry.

Any other way I can fix this? or disable it from the phone?