New User with Email Questions


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May 1, 2010
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I am completely new to forums as well as the Droid world. I have been an avid blackberry user for the last few years. I purchased my Motorola Android tonight, have spent hours getting emails, etc set up (with much frustration), I finally have all of my email accounts coming into my phone and am having one final issue......

Although I have checked to have both my phone and each email account leave a copy of the messages on the server, that is not happening. The minute I delete an email from one location it immediately deletes it from both. Is there a way to prevent this if all of my boxes are checked to leave a copy?

I am a Social Worker and use my phone constantly for both work and play and it is critical that my emails not be deleted from my main work computer, but when I am traveling I need to be able to see what is coming in on my phone so that I can respond immediately if needed.

Thank you in advance for answering a question that you have probably had to answer 12 million times!!!!