New to the Smart Phone World : Love Droid X


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Jul 17, 2010
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I have to say that I am absolutely in love with this Droid X. I originally had a flip phone (LG vx 8300) and a Palm TX. The combo was great and I struggled for quite sometime trying to replace the duo. It just worked for me but I got tired of chasing a Wi-Fi signal. I tried the Palm Pre but had Sprint issues and some issues with Palm OS that are not really important. The Palm Tx made me desire a large screen as well as a decent PIM.

At first I was sort of overwhelmed by the gmail - google cloud business and kept trying to duplicate the Palm Desktop concept. I guess it's just about being a creature of habit. I tried about 3 sync apps and even tried an Outlook option even though I do not use Outlook for mail ( I still use Forte agent ) and then all of a sudden I realized that by simply creating shortcuts to my Google calendar and Gmail on my desktops, I essentially had that set up without having to install things on each machine and could access these from everywhere.

I use the power control widget and things just sync up immediately. I am so pleased with this now. I don't know why it took me a month to have this aha moment dancedroid

I just love having a smart phone. I had angst about BB vs Palm vs Android and boy for me I made the right choice. I thought I'd never have an onscreen keyboard I could type on but the Droid X is a snap for my larger hands and with Smart Keyboard Pro it is just so easy. I like Swype too.
I swore I had to have a hardware keyboard but I realize now that I would probably not use it.

I love choice and playing with multiple browsers and email apps etc. I build computers and do web pages as a hobbyist but had really no experience with phones. I am so enjoying the learning curve. This is fun with new phones coming out all the time and new features and so on. I love all the forums and watching videos and the like. I have no desire to root oddly enough and actually like so much of 2.1 and look forward to 2.2.

I'd like to see a more robust default email app for my pop3. I have tried gmail-K9 and maildroid but none really resonates with me as much as the basic mail app but I'd like it to be better. I guess coming from Palm's Versamail, I have not set the bar too high ;=)

I purchased a sparq2 portable battery and that keeps the drain issues at bay. I may check out the seido 3500 mAh battery at some point when it comes out but I am doing ok between the sparq2 and my car charger to keep things going.

Anyway I just wanted to post and say some positive things about this whole android - droid X experience from the eyes of a newcomer to the smart phone world and say thanks for all the great information that gets posted by everyone. It's very helpful to folks like me to hear about issues, features, accessories etc.