New to Droid: Droid X - One Stop Shop


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Jul 21, 2010
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Hello all! I'm obviously new to the forum and new to the Droid technology. I received my Droid X on Monday and, save for a few glitches (locking up and shutting down without coming back on), I aboslutely love it! Definitely blows the IPhone out of the water...

Since the Droid X has officially been out for a week now, I figured I'd start a thread to try and capture as much information in one place for new Droid X users (like myself). With that said, fire away on:
  • Top 5 MUST HAVE free apps (aside from the pandora's, google maps', TWC's, etc. of the world)
  • Top 5 MUST HAVE paid apps
  • Top 5 MUST HAVE free games
  • Top 5 MUST HAVE paid games
  • Top 5 MUST HAVE widgets
  • Must do's (settings changes, other downloads, preference changes, etc.)
Feel free to add to anything that I may have (and probably did) miss!

Also, what's the deal with Beautiful Widgets??? I love the idea of having the HTC Sense clock and weather feature on the Droid X but keep reading all of these complaints about the dev and program. Is it even worth it?? If not, has anyone found a subtitute?

Thanks in advance, and happy posting!