New to Droid and Famrville?


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Feb 6, 2010
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Hello all. i just got my new phone the droid. i love this phone to no end. one of the best things ive ever bought. ive never really had a phone this advanced before. but my question is i play a game called farmville on my pc when im home. i wanted to know if i can play it on my new droid if so how do i go about getting it step by step, because im new at this stuff. heck it took me 4 hours to find out how to get an app lol. i thought the market app was for the stock market. i have downloaded some apps out of the free section and like them. my kids love the fart app lol. other then that im stupid when it comes to this phone.
I'm sorry, but you can't play games like farmville on the droid right now!!! You will be able to sometime though, because Adobe Flash is releasing a mobile version of flash for mobile devices....and farmville is a flash you will have to wait on this feature...
It should be soon though...sometime within the next couple months I would will get a big firmware update too one day!! It will spice your phone up a little bit with some 3d effects and some other enhancements too :) So this will all be very nice....we just dont know when all this will come to us...that is the million dollar question
I wouldn't count on being able to ever play it. It is a slow, buggy, POS that brings desktop computers to their knees. Droid is never going to run it well.