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Jan 13, 2010
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Xda-Developers Thread: New Root Status & Bounty Thread!! News Updated 01/29/2010 - xda-developers thread: *OFFICIAL* HTC Eris Root Status thread - Android Forums

January 29th, 2010

Hello all fellow Htc Eris/Desire owners,

As you may or may not know, we have a newly formed Eris Root Dev Team and Website up and running! The site is not open to the public just yet, but it has been up and running for staff and developers for a week now. Once we have made all the necessary preparations, the website will become available for public viewing.

The site and team was created with the sole purpose of bringing developers together in a safe and friendly environment where they can focus on rooting and developing the Eris without distractions. We all know how off topic and random forums can get, so we felt that this was the best solution in order to get our Eris rooted!

The Team has appointed me as the Spokesperson/P.R man for the site and team. It is my job to field any and all questions or concerns, along with updating fellow Eris users on root status and other site news. If you are a developer and would like to become part of our great team please email me, and I will ensure that our developers review your offer to help.

We hope that our developer team will grow and expand, and in the future add more devices. The goal is to create a long term team that will continue to work together to root android devices and possibly chef roms for devices as well.

Root Status:

Currently the effort is going well. Our Developers have obtained 30% of the necessary files, and have a few different plans of attack/exploits being followed up on.

Our Developers:

1. Binny1070

2. Pinksocker

3. Raziken

4. Punk.kaos

5. Rigamrts

6. Zifnab06

And myself.

We appreciate all the support from the various forums and members all over the net! From Xda-developers to to and all the others! We look forward to contributing to the vast and amazing online community of Android Development.

Thanks You and Let’s Root!!