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Sep 4, 2010
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I was using the first version of SS 4.8 and had massive problems to the point of restoring back to a different rom, Now I have a new set.

I made a backup of what I was running apart from CW, downloaded the updated virsion, blue ss mv 1 ghz and no theme, uploaded with an older version oc cw cann't get the current one to work, tried the flash to sp and then back to cw, no joy, older version works, down load and reboot seemed to fine. wiped cach and rom from cw.

My problems are when I power on or reboot it dose so twice.
Pandora and slacker both lock up, fixed with a reboot.
Swift key force close, this is the paid version, beta has been removed
this was also issue with ss when I down loaded it the first time, i have
had to kill it with a task manager as it was in a force close loop.
Bluetooth drops, media still works plays through phone speaker.
Andriod keyboard will not work.
Stuck in landscape mode.

Used cachemate cleaned cache, used chevy tools and cleaned davlik, that fixed all but swift key temporally.

What can I do for a permanite fix, any ideas. Please help my droid cadilac is acting like a ford.
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